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So many Squash!

By roses382, Oct 10 2018 08:46AM

Last year we made a large, rectangular Squash/Pumpkin Bed, constructed from Sleepers joined together with metal rods to hold them in place. We wanted to make use of the clippings from the Wildflower Meadows and thought it would be perfect for growing Pumpkins in, as in the past they have self seeded into the Compost Heaps where they seem perfectly at home. We made this next to the Polytunnel where the plants could wander where they wanted. Using the tractor to load the composting grass in to the bed, it was left to rot down over the winter, with a topping of green waste compost. Last year was extremely successful, but I never quite got around to a blog! This year, despite being so dry, has also been fantastic, and at the weekend I harvested 73 Squash of 5 varieties, these being Red Kuri, Crown Prince, Festival, Barbara and Little Dumpling. I concentrated on the slightly smaller varieties as the bigger ones are so difficult to cut and prepare. Even so, some of the Barbara Butternuts grew so big that I could barely lift them! This is a lovely stripey variety with a long neck and few seeds that has become my 'go to' Butternut.

I think everybody I know will be getting gifts of Squashes over the coming weeks as, much as I love eating them, I will never get through so many, and with 2 daughters away at Uni, the household is sadly diminished. Middle daughter has complained that she had to buy some frozen, prepared Squash, and it 'tasted nothing like yours, Muv'! I can't quite work out how to send some to Edinburgh, short of a very long drive!

Anyway, I am rambling, so here are the photos, one taken in July, and the second, last weekend.

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