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Polytunnel produce

By roses382, Sep 2 2017 07:35PM

The polytunnel has never been so productive as it has been this year. We have had plenty of sunshine, and I have been more diligent about watering, feeding regularly with a stinky mix of Comfrey and Burdock leaves. The Padron peppers have been prolific, and the freezer is already full with Tomatoes and Tomato sauce. Aubergines have also done better than previous years, despite being smothered in Red Spider Mite. I have used the biological control here, Phytoseiulus, and this has visibly reduced the Mites, although I would have achieved better results if I had been organised and ordered a little earlier. I will also have enough Chilli Peppers to keep me going for about 10 years! These will shortly be strung above the Aga to dry; the strings resembling colourful Chinese Lanterns which will be cheery in the depths of Winter.

This year I have grown 'Vampire', 'Zimbabwe Black', and the pretty yellow 'Trinidad perfume'. An annual batch of Chilli Jam will also be heading onto the Pantry shelf shortly.

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