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Orchid excitement

By roses382, Jun 17 2018 08:07PM

Last week I was very excited to find 4 wild Orchids growing in the first of the perennial Wildflower Meadows that we sowed 5 or 6 years ago. The Orchids arrived by themselves, which is fantastic as it means that after several years of lowering the soil fertlity to check the rampant growth of the vigorous grasses, and with the spreading of the Yellow Rattle, which is doing very nicely, the habitat is now right for the Orchids to grow.

I am not sure on the identification. There are no spots on the leaves, and they are flowering later than the Early Purple's on the verge up the road. So I don't think they are Early Purple's or Common Spotted. The flowers have no veining on them so they are not Green Winged, and not stubby enough for Pyramidal.

My best guess is Southern Marsh Orchid, although the soil here is generally very dry we do have a few wetter patches, and I have read that they can grow in drier soils. But the more I read about hybridisation between the species and variations of flower colour and shape of lobing within the species, the harder it seems to make any identification without an expert on hand. So any help/comments very gratefully received!

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