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Cider Making with Daisy, Esme, Tiggles and Jack

By roses382, Sep 23 2017 08:01PM

Today was one of those delicious September days to be cherished. The sun was warm, the apples were shiny and heavy on the trees, and the garden was full of butterflies making the most of the late flowers.Today was the much anticipated Cider Making day. The Orchard has never been as abundant as it is this year. We planted it 14 years ago on vigorous rootstocks, to make large trees, in keeping with the age of the house. There are apples, pears, medlars, cherries and plums, but today the apples were the stars.

Two daughters were at home to help with picking; we borrowed an apple press from Digby, and were excited to use the new 'Apple Scratter' to pulp the apples. After a morning's work picking, scratting and pressing, we had about 30 litres of beautiful juice, some for the fridge, some for the freezer, and the rest to make cider. My better half being a Chemist, is well placed to fiddle around with PH, specific gravity and the like. Me, well I am happy picking the apples with the daughters and dogs. In fact I have to say, it was the most perfect day.

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